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Spikecluster Admin Page
Spikecluster WWW CVS
SBM Matlab Utilities (03/09/06)

Developer Docs

SourceForge/CVS for spikecluster
Spikecluster Admin Notes

Distributed Matlab

Distributed Matlab manual 0.6 (PDF)
Distributed Matlab.m functions/constants
Sysinternals PS Tools

Network Files (Must be renamed to 'dm_network_file.txt' before use.)
REMOVED: go to distributed_matlab/network_lists
Kleinfeld Lab network list (incomplete)
Kleinfeld Lab network list (5 machines, for testing)
Kleinfeld Lab network list (soma/whisker only)

Test Files

11915 spikes, Med SNR, tricky - drift, dbl thresh x-ings (sbm)
7759 spikes, V Hi SNR, 3 simulated units (sbm)
8897 spikes, Low SNR, maybe 1 unit (sbm)
100000 spikes, Low SNR, Low Fs (kd)

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